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Why do you want something for free ? Because you consider it has no value? Because you don’t really trust it? Because you’d rather spend your money on something else? Because you have no money?

NOTHING is free, there is always a price to pay.

You cannot get an iPhone for free simply buy Googling free iPhones ( try iPhone X ), there’s no way of acquiring a free iPhone. Why stop at iPhones, why not search for a free life of luxury? Nothing a free and if you think spells should be free, then you don’t think, you assume.

If you are searching for Free Black Magic Love Spells, you are wasting your time, they do not exist. You have probably tried Cosmic Ordering or Law of Attraction and got no results whatsoever, so now you’ve upped your game and want to cast a black magic spell, because you are suddenly a black magic witch or magician? It’s called time wasting.

If you don’t want to buy a love spell or cannot afford too - that’s either a sign not to or your first hurdle, one you’ll not get past.

For a successful spell to be cast, many factors have to be perfect - witches have a special place (temple) for casting their spells - a place no everyday energies enter, you cannot cast a powerful spell on your kitchen table, with outside noises entering your spell for example.

There is no such things as an easy love spell, never mind a free love spell - it take a tremendous power to create change, to reweave fate, to manifest miraculous results.

If love spells or spells were free, everyone would use them and if they were to all work, imagine the chaos created?

Do I think someone without training can cast a powerful black magic love spell that works? What do you think my answer is? I

Many blessings,
Lady Shadow





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