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Frequently Asked Questions


I am scared of black magic even after reading your website?
I do understand, black magic has a reputation for being dangerous, but I am not going to cast dangerous spells. I use a lot of protection during my spell casting, I also consult my guides. Nothing backfires unless anyone make an error - this is equally true for white magic as well as black magic. My guides stop me from making any errors.

Do you keep in touch with your clients throughout the procedure?

How long do results take?
It varies from case to case since some clients have problems that are literally 10 times as big as another client's. Once I've cast your spell your results are destined and your spell will work as fast as it can. There's no way of guaranteeing how long results will take, they should be fast, or within a reasonable length of time. Full results are of course different to partial results; partial results often appear before full results as a situation changes, therefore results can be over a period of time, rather than altogether. Furthermore, sometimes changes are taking place in someone's mind, but there's no way you can know that until you witness the person in question treating you differently.

What happens if my spell fails?
It won't because I need you to tell me the truth as you know it, my guides will watch over me as a write up your love spell and cast it. Your spell will as a result be successfully cast, and therefore released to work. There's nothing that can stop it from working, unless a client sabotages their situation by adding new elements to it, for example getting involved in a bitter argument and saying things that should not be said. Once a spell is cast it should be left to work, not interfered with.

May I speak to you on the phone?
I work alone and cannot arrange time for phone calls, if you prefer to talk to a witch on the phone, many websites offer that option, therefore it would be best you use use them.

Upon receipt of my payment and order when will you cast my black magic spell?
If I cannot cast the same day it will be with 24 hours.


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